The Reason my Business always Grows w/ or w/out me is because I Build Leaders instead of Followers/Fans.

I teach how to do Everything I do from A to Z, from offline to online and to believe in yourself instead of looking up to me and boosting my ego.

I Answer my Phone 24/7, I Fly to my Teams and I always Hone my Skill sets so I have something new to teach them because that’s what a leader does.

A leader doesn’t just sit back and attract success, because a true leader knows that’s not how it works.

Execution is Everything and if you’re sitting at home just chilling on Facebook, living your life and collecting money from your team’s efforts… that’s not Success.

That’s Timing and Sadly Time runs out.

If you want to become a Leader; rock w/ one.

If you want to stay a Follower/Fan and keep being used as a work horse or herded like cattle…

Keep believing the Hype. – with Nurul

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